froze by desire
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i mainly post about fashion, beauty && moments that take your breath away. i love when people express themselves. i love when people are broken. i love raw moments characterized by honesty and simplicity. i love when music takes you to another world && lyrics that explain exactly how you feel. ------> follow me on instagram && twitter lexa__michelle
A writer is a world trapped in a person.
-Victor Hugo (via bl-ossomed)

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oh god i want you so bad and knowing i can’t have you makes me feel sick. it honestly hurts how in love with you i am. seeing you with her is like being stabbed in the heart a million times. i can’t recover from the images of you and her together, smiling, and laughing. and don’t get me wrong i want you to be happy. i really do. i just wish you could be happy with me. and that we could be the ones watching the sunset together and falling slowly in love.¬†